Antonov AN-225 Dream with Shuttle

Antonov AN-225 Dream with Shuttle
Antonov AN-225 Dream with Shuttle Detail
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Antonov AN-225 Dream with Shuttle Description

The Antonov An-225 Mriya (Dream) – the world’s largest airplane, designed specifically to carry the Buran space shuttles, is of the middle of 2001, back in active service. The Antonov Design Bureau has now made the sole production An-225 airworthy once more, with the aim of making the world’s largest cargo aircraft available to the commercial freighter market. This follows on from the highly successful An-124, which has carved itself a niche in outsized cargo markets around the world. T…

In order to compete with the U.S. Space Shuttle program, the Soviets began their own reusable spacecraft program in 1974, under the name Buran. The program lasted a full 19 years before its cancellation in 1993. The Buran spacecraft never saw manned spaceflight, and completed only one orbital flight, on November 15, 1988. While a very successful flight, the shuttle never flew again and was eventually destroyed in a 2002 hangar collapse. It is shown here carried on the back of the Antonov…

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Antonov AN-225 Dream with Shuttle

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