Battlezone Gold – PC

Battlezone Gold - PC
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The Battlezone is the full moon base established when the real “Space Race” began. Space programs launched by both Soviet and American militaries search for valuable bio-metal deposits. Only one country can have control and it is your mission to control the alien technology before they do. Battlezone Gold packs greater fighting power with the inclusion of two mission packs and the official strategy guide.

Some folks might accuse Activision of duplicity for naming its newest action/strategy game Battlezone, but aside from the fact that both games put you in the cockpit of a tank, it has about as much in common with that arcade classic as an IBM PC Jr. does with a full-blown Pentium gaming system. Yep, anyone who picks up this Battlezone expecting a graphics-heavy retread of the original will be in for a big surprise – but luckily it’ll be an extremely pleasant one. Simply put, Battlezone…

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Battlezone Gold - PC

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